Common Reasons to Replace a Heater or Furnace

Common Reasons to Replace a Heater or Furnace

This short blog should give you some insights on the Common Reasons to Replace a Heater or Furnace on your home. Our HVAC specialist will help you make the correct financial decision when it comes to replacing or repairing your furnace or heating system. Some things to pay attention to are, higher than expected energy bills, and cold or hot spots in your home. One must evaluate the cost-benefit ratio on a new unit versus repairing the existing unit.

Main reasons to replace your furnace or heating system

Obviously, you don’t want to keep paying for costly repairs! Expensive repairs and high energy bills are among the most common reasons to replace your furnace or heating system. Maintaining your system with regular service checkups help prolong the life expectancy of your unit. Ask about our service contracts that include regular maintenance scheduling.

The age factor

So you’re between the 10-15 year mark– we should consider the issues and repair costs. You’re between the 15-20 year mark and it’s probably reasonable to replace the unit. You’ll likely save more money with the cost of repairs and the efficiency of the new unit will certainly lower the energy bills.

High Energy Bills?

Heating is definitely a large part of your energy bill and an inefficient unit can be causing higher energy bills. After trying to replace filters, if you still don’t see an improvement in energy bills, consider a new unit. It’s always best to get an expert opinion before spending lots of money on repairs or a replacement unit. Always keep in mind that saving a few bucks on a unit now may not mean long-term saving in the future. At 3G Heating and Cooling in Memphis, TN we make sure our customers have a clear understanding of the unit and its cost-benefit ratio. Our expert HVAC team will help you choose the furnace that’s right for you and your home, all while considering your budget!

Paying for Frequent Repairs

Don’t fall into the trap of paying for expensive repairs. That’s the thing about these machines! If you need many repairs it’s definitely going to be more cost-effective to replace the unit and as they say “start over.” You won’t believe the headache-free, stress-free feeling of having a unit that is running properly and efficiently.

Hot or cold spots.

Hot or cold spots can be caused by a few components such as leaks in the systems, cracks or holes in the ducts, and an overall issue of your furnace not running at its peak performance level. Unfortunately, these issues can only be determined by an expert. If you’re experiencing hot or cold spots, and you’ve changed out your filters and reset the thermostat we recommend calling an HVAC professional today.

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