HVAC Installation Signs You Didn’t Get Good Quality Services


Investing in a new HVAC system is a big decision. Most homeowners will spend more money on a new HVAC system after buying a home and a car. You might go for the lowest quote from an HVAC contractor because of the high price tag associated with a new system.


Generally, it is hard for building owners, managers, and homeowners to recognize a substandard contractor. It is mainly due to their lack of experience in the field. It doesn’t mean you allow substandard contractors to con you repeatedly. You can judge the quality of HVAC services in several ways. 


HVAC technicians properly install the unit

The fact that you are reading this article indicates that you have concerns about the quality of service provided by your HVAC contractor. Our goal today is to make it easy for you to tell whether you’re dealing with a genuine equipment issue or an inexperienced, careless contractor.


Most of the time, that decision will not be the best in the long run. It’s more likely that you’ll encounter HVAC contractors who cut corners to reduce costs than those who provide honest work for less money.

Indicators of Poor Services Before Installation

To compare companies, you should get at least a few quotes before choosing an HVAC contractor to replace your current system. The best company for you is the one that will provide you with long-term value.


Here are some red flags you may encounter before your HVAC installation begins:


  • When the company representative visits your home to assess cooling problems, he barely examines it. Even worse, the company only offers you a quote based on a few pieces of information about your house over the phone.
  • There has yet to be a response to your calls from the company.
  • It needs to be clear whether the company kept their appointment or notified you that there could have been an unexpected delay.
  • There is no worker’s compensation insurance at the company.
  • They don’t have a license number.


This opportunity allows the company to show off its best side. What will they be like when you need them for an emergency repair? What can you expect if they don’t do that when you need them? You want a contractor who understands your home’s heating and cooling needs and has inspected your current system.


Furthermore, you do not want your property to be held liable for any injuries that occur there. To achieve this, you should work with a licensed and insured company.

Indicators of Poor Services After Installation

Sometimes the entire sales and installation process runs smoothly, but problems arise later. Installing an HVAC system requires a lot of attention, and unfortunately, this is one area where contractors cut corners.

A broken HVAC unit


The following are some red flags to look out for after installation:


  • There needs to be better performance. This is the biggest red flag. You may have a problem with your new system if it still runs expensively and creates hot and cold spots throughout your home.
  • Air ducts that pinch off. Air ducts are usually flexible and lightweight, which allows them to be curved and arranged to meet specific needs. It’s important to remember that if they’re bent too far or snipped off with straps, they’ll restrict your system’s airflow.
  • Straps bolted into the sides hold up the indoor unit; when suspended this way, the equipment buckles because its design can’t support its weight.
  • A drip leg or “drip” is missing from the indoor unit’s gas pipe. Gas piping systems require drip legs to catch moisture, and furnaces are required to have them.
  • Air ducts and lines are in the way. It is ideal to be tidy and allow easy access to your indoor HVAC installation unit. Having wires and ducts strung across your path is an unnecessary inconvenience and tripping hazard.
  • It takes multiple visits to find the solution. When a contractor is skilled, he will always deal with the problem in the very first instance. On the other hand, a mediocre contractor is more concerned with making money, so he will often schedule multiple visits before addressing the problem. Therefore,  your technician is scamming you if he claims that the issue still needs to be resolved and that another visit is necessary.
  • Lack of appropriate equipment to address the issue. Using the right equipment to repair a building on-site will never be a problem for a competent contractor. Technicians must wear the appropriate safety gear whenever they have to go on-site. The equipment and spare parts are commonly required for AC installation, repairs, and maintenance. They are always prepared for anything, so they never get surprised. On the other hand, a contractor who does not take their job seriously will always find a way to excuse their mistakes. There is usually a need for proper tools or spare parts in most cases.


To Wrap Up

Happy homeowners for receiving quality HVAC services

Having the proper knowledge will help every HVAC owner protect their interests. It is important to remember that just because you lack technical expertise does not imply that you will be an easy target. Pay attention to signs such as shabby workmanship, leaving tools lying around, failing to answer your questions, having to call for assistance, etc. All of these factors indicate that the commercial HVAC contractor provides poor service. You can bring this to their attention, and they can be held accountable for it.


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