Common Heating and Furnace Problems and Repairs


There are some Common Heating and Furnace Problems and Repairs that can occur with your furnace that can be “DIY” while other repairs require a professional HVAC company like Gibber Services.

Some of the most common issues in Memphis, TN when it comes to the furnace!

The common heating issue includeCommon Heating and Furnace Problems and Repairs

Unchanged or unclean filters: Having clean filters will help your unit run more efficiently, in turn saving you money on your energy bills. Make sure your filters are kept clean.

Regular wear and tear on units: A furnace like any other machine will have expected wear and tear just from running the system.
Igniting the furnace- issues with ignition and the flames inside should be left to a professional. If the color should be blue, so pay attention to red or yellow flames and pilot light.
Issues with the thermostat: Issues with the thermostat can cause temperature regulation throughout your home. This may be why you have cold or warm spots.

“DIY” Memphis furnace repair


As we said earlier, some of these issues can be fixed without a technician. If you’re a homeowner and think you’d like to give it a shot, follow these steps. (Please Note: Gibber Services takes no responsibility for any outcome of a homeowner or any non-Gibber Service person following the steps below)

#1 Changing the air filter: Changing the filter can easily be done by simply removing the filter and following the instructions on the filter.
#2 Keep up with regular maintenance checks to prolong the life expectancy of your furnace.
#3 Relighting the Pilot: By following the instructions in the owner’s manual you should be able to easily relight the pilot, however, this can be dangerous and we recommend using a professional. If the flame is burning any color other than blue, that is problematic and an HVAC expert should be contacted.
#4 Make sure your thermostat is set to the right settings and then change the temperature to see if the heat kicks on
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